The big move


So, many of you might have twigged by now that some pretty big stuff has been going on with our family recently. We moved to Hong Kong three months ago and it has been a crazy time. I wanted to write about it sooner, but I feel that I am just coming … [Read More...]

Chocolate hamantaschen


I have long promised myself to make a new type of hamantaschen recipe every year. New to me, rather than new to the world, in case you were expecting me to talk about foie gras or lemongrass and passionfruit hamantaschen or something! This year is … [Read More...]

Noam’s birth story


I am not sure where time has gone. I started writing this post over three weeks ago, but never finished it. It feels as though Noam was born more than seven weeks ago, and yet it also seems as though it was just … [Read More...]

Just-had-a-baby-Nutella cupcakes


These cupcakes were meant to enter my life just when they did: when I most needed a dose of their creamy silky sweetness. I had just given birth to Abigail by c-section, I was sore, tired, shocked. Breastfeeding had … [Read More...]

Orange carrot and olive oil cake

orange cake

Many of you will know that I have a problem: I can't stop buying Jewish themed cookery books. I have soooo many. I know that many of the recipes are more or less repeated but I just love them. I love reading the stories … [Read More...]

Not being a Balabusta – any tips for doing it all?


I'm learning - or trying to accept, at least, that it's okay to not always live up to my Balabusta aspirations. Pregnancy hasn't been as easy for me this time round as it was last time. I feel heavy, I am constantly … [Read More...]

Abigail’s first birthday party (and calamitous birthday weekend)


Abigail is one! I planned a little party for our girl a few weeks in advance - nothing overly fancy. I wanted it to be about her, rather than an adult party. I know she is only one, how much could she understand, still … [Read More...]

Abigail is turning 1


Our Beauty Pudding (one of her many many nicknames) is turning one on Friday. One year. 365 days of her cuddles, her lustrous black hair, slightly fewer of her contagious cheeky smile. One year of the huge love that is … [Read More...]