Abigail’s (first) party

Abigail has had her first party! In late November we hosted a get-together to enable Marc’s family to meet her. I didn’t want to go crazy with the preparations, but I did want to create a special atmosphere to celebrate the arrival of our gorgeous girl.

In order to fit in with Abigail’s routine and enable her to have a long lunchtime sleep, we decided to host everyone for tea. I decided that I wanted this to be dainty, vintage and pretty. It occurred to me that it would be most practical to set all the food out on the island in our kitchen, and a tea stand on a separate counter. That way, people could take what they wanted and sit in the living room, where the coffee table wouldn’t be cluttered with food so they could set down their plates and tea in comfort.

I wanted to cover the kitchen island but, having looked in all the obvious places, I could find very few coverings which would work. And pretty disposable tablecloths are extortionate. I remembered that in Amy Atlas’s book Sweet Designs, Amy stated that she would frequently sew tablecloths for her gatherings, enabling her to find the perfect fabric. In the end, then, I opted to make my own cover for the island. This way I could choose the colours and pattern, and I would be left with something I could definitely use again. After all, I anticipate that pink will be a recurring theme for Abigail’s parties in the future!

I found a gorgeous fabric in my local fabric shop, and I bought a pink polka dot fabric for the edging (which you can see in the photo below). I wanted to use bunting as well, but it was too time consuming to make this so I bought some from a seller on Amazon.

It ended up being a lovely event which everyone seemed to enjoy. I am so annoyed with myself for having been in such a rush that I forgot to switch the flash on, hence the less than satisfactory photos!

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artificial flowers – Homesensesweet jar – John Lewis (made by LSA)
tablecloth – handmade
bunting – Amazon (the seller no longer stocks it but plenty of others do).


I prepared mini bagels which I served open and topped with egg mayonnaise and smoked salmon. I made vanilla cupcakes, chocolate and carrot three tier cakes and a lemon bundt cake. The lemon cake and the chocolate cake were not amazing, in my opinion, so I won’t provide recipes for these, but the carrot cake and vanilla cupcakes are linked and found in the food index.


  1. This looks absolutely beautiful!

  2. Vanessa says:

    Thanks Katie! Wish I were better at photography though! X

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