My Riverford organic veg box

Yes, I am a middle class cliche. Yes, I get a weekly organic veg box. But, in my defense, I battled with the idea for some time.

You see, I am a veteran menu planner. I sit for a whole evening planning the week’s meals and carefully compiling my online shop. I don’t even have an exact process for this. I scour the pages with special offers. I peruse my recipe books. I hope that the good deals are aligned with the sorts of things I want to make.

The point I am trying to make is that my weekly shop is a fairly exact science. There aren’t really any ‘just because’ items.

I wasn’t sure, therefore, that a veg box would be my thing. This unknown entity arriving with lots of soily veg, most of which I would struggle to identify still less know what to do with. And the truth is not that far off from my imagination. This week, for example, I received Jerusalem artichokes. I had no idea what they were (confusingly enough, Jerusalem artichokes are neither from Jerusalem nor artichokes).

The first time the veg box arrived I had in fact forgotten all about it. My weekly online shop had just been delivered, brimming with vegetables I actually use. You can imagine that my fridge that week looked like that of a veg binger, if such a thing exists. Or someone who is getting ready to go on the diet of their life. If all the items in my fridge were facing you in a supermarket queue, you would have thought me quite the freak (let’s face it, we all look at what others are buying in the supermarket and wonder what it says about them). Or you might have thought: she’s not thin enough for someone who, it would appear, eats a diet comprised of vegetables and Diet Coke.

In fact, I am surprisingly delighted with my organic box. Before it I was in a vegetable rut, buying what I knew. Now I am challenged to try new things, to learn new tastes and recipes. To sound totally evangelical, my box helps us to eat with the seasons. I look forward every week to seeing what awaits me in the box. It’s like a sort of virtuous present to myself.

My box gets delivered by Riverford. They offered me a free cookbook, I signed up (anyone who knows me knows that a free cookbook is practically enough of an enticement for me to accept a proposal of marriage – a veg box was an easy sell).

Do you get an organic box delivery? What are your thoughts?


  1. Hi found your blog whilst doing some reading for my post today, and have enjoyed having a look around. love the content and the site design! I’ll be back soon :)

    • Vanessa says:

      Thanks so much for your comment and for the encouragement, I appreciate it! Looking forward to checking out your blog, too (no access at work – boo). :)

      • You’re welcome, I’m learning not to lurk, and to actually comment when I read!

        Anyway thanks for the inspiration, you articulated so well that slight sense of embarrassment I was trying to fathom out! :)

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