Our lounge

I thought it would be fun to do a home tour – I love interiors and am always looking for ways to enhance our home (as inexpensively as possible). When we moved into our home the style was very different. The previous owners were very minimalist and had a more modern style than I. They also loved technology, and didn’t make space for books… and housing all of mine is always a problem. I knew I wanted to soften the look and make the room more homely.

One of the main challenges of our living room was the brown panel wall which was built by the previous owners at what I would imagine was likely to be significant expense. It provides wonderful storage, but it is not in a style I might have chosen myself. However it was and is not in our budget to remove it. The wall was built for and housed a 65 inch television, which we politely declined to buy from the vendors when we moved in (we bought a smaller one at a fraction of the price). It was a price issue, but also an aesthetic one: I didn’t want my living room to be engulfed and overpowered by a television. As a consequence, we were left with a vacant surround, which I filled with two tall vases and some artificial flowers.
This is our space to entertain and relax, to eat breakfast on the weekend and play with Abigail. We live in this room, and I love it.



One of the things that I am the most proud of and that gives me the most joy to look at every day (and I do) is our ketubah, our marriage certificate. At the time, we chose to to buy a decorated one so that we could frame it as a piece of art in our future home. We framed it as soon as we got back from our honeymoon, way before we bought this house. We couldn’t have known how well it would match everything – it is perfect. And every day it reminds me of the promises we made each other that day and I feel very lucky and very blessed. I think it is a wonderful thing to hang in the room in which we spend the most time and entertain so often – it is a reminder for us and a beautiful symbol of the values which we hope shape our home and our lives.


  1. I love your lounge! It looks so comfortable and elegant. I’m looking for a new couch and I really like the lines of yours.

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