A thank you spread

Abigail has a wonderful relationship with her grandparents, Marc’s parents Marilyn and Stephen. They have done an awful lot for us since Abigail was born (not to mention before). They are always willing babysitters, chore do-ers, advice-givers… they have gladly had Abigail overnight on weekends to enable us to have a break. Really, they are amazing and kind and giving and we are beyond lucky to have them.

We wanted to do something special to thank them for all that they do for us, to coincide with their anniversary. We had planned to go out for a meal, but it would have to be lunch as we need to be here for Abigail at night. It was a miserable rainy weekend and lunch didn’t appeal so, at the last minute, I decided to host a little tea at home so we could all relax on the sofas and just be together. It was simple and perfect.

We bought Marilyn and Stephen little thank you gifts – a jumper Marilyn had had her eye on and loved, and some Amazon vouchers for Stephen.


I decided on a yellow theme because it was so dark and dreary that I wanted something cheerful! I had the teapot already, so I bought some roses and tied yellow gingham ribbon around ecru napkins that I already had. This is a great trick, by the way, which will save you from having to buy napkins in a myriad of colours to suit your entertaining fancies!


I didn’t spend days crafting home baked bagels and cupcakes… this is real life, people, and frankly I didn’t have the time. It also wasn’t really the point – we just wanted an easy get together.

I bought mini challah rolls and bagels and filled them with homemade egg mayonnaise and smoked salmon and cream cheese. We had shmaltz herring, a kind of salted herring that Marilyn and I love, as well as fish balls and other Jewish treats.


It all goes to show that when you have to do something very last minute, you can actually get away with buying a lot in. It is still special, it is still warming, it is still lovely.



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