About Me

Balabusta is normally translated from Yiddish to English as ‘homemaker’. But, like most Yiddish expressions, said with the glint of an eye and a wry smile, it actually means a whole lot more. The term connotes a woman who is the boss of her household, who gets stuck in, who likes to take on the world in the home sphere, who can be stubborn about the way she gets things done (me? never!) and, ultimately, who is passionate about making home a special place to be.

I live in London with my wonderful husband Marc and baby daughter Abigail and am my family’s ‘balabusta’. I am the girl who makes her own wedding cake in Guernsey, takes it with her to Israel and ices it the morning of her wedding. The girl who scrambles to get Friday night dinner on the table and stays up till 3am baking challah.

I am constantly pottering and organising the house and try to find ways to make things as pretty and functional and organised as possible.

My food is often, but not exclusively, inspired by my Jewish/Israeli roots. Whilst I like the classics, Jewish food is not exclusively Eastern European food or food from the past – it is ever evolving and inspired by so many cultures and places and this in turn inspires me to create fresh, modern food.

This blog chronicles my adventures in the kitchen and in the home generally. Thanks for visiting!