The big move

So, many of you might have twigged by now that some pretty big stuff has been going on with our family recently. We moved to Hong Kong three months ago and it has been a crazy time. I wanted to write about it sooner, but I feel that I am just coming up for air now and this post has also taken me a long time to actually draft. It’s hard to articulate the emotions that come with such a big move and sometimes a little distance is necessary. We came here for Marc’s work and I was on board with the decision to relocate, despite naturally having some concerns of my own. It is an important career move for him, a move which I wanted to and do support. Marc is one of the hardest working people I … [Read more...]

Chocolate hamantaschen

I have long promised myself to make a new type of hamantaschen recipe every year. New to me, rather than new to the world, in case you were expecting me to talk about foie gras or lemongrass and passionfruit hamantaschen or something! This year is the year of chocolate hamantaschen, mostly because a lovely lady I know from synagogue posted on a Facebook message board enquiring whether, to make chocolate hamantaschen, it would suffice to fill the hamantaschen with chocolate (my concern was that the texture would be wrong as the chocolate would harden after the hamantaschen cooled). This got me to thinking about what the perfect chocolate hamantaschen should taste like. I envisaged a not too … [Read more...]

Noam’s birth story

I am not sure where time has gone. I started writing this post over three weeks ago, but never finished it. It feels as though Noam was born more than seven weeks ago, and yet it also seems as though it was just yesterday - time is so strange like that. I definitely intend to write a post about how we are coping and what is going on around here, but first I want to write down our boy's birth story before I forget all the little details of how our Noam came into the world. My c-section was planned for 27th December 2012. I had had an emergency section with Abigail, so was given the choice to try for a VBAC or elect to have another section. With Abigail my labour progressed well and they … [Read more...]

Just-had-a-baby-Nutella cupcakes

These cupcakes were meant to enter my life just when they did: when I most needed a dose of their creamy silky sweetness. I had just given birth to Abigail by c-section, I was sore, tired, shocked. Breastfeeding had reduced me to a puddle of tears, and eating just wasn't on my radar. When my wonderful friend Kate came to visit, as well as whole bag of gorgeous gifts for Abigail, she brought me a batch of these incredible cupcakes which she had made using a recipe from the Hummingbird Bakery cookbook. It was so thoughtful of her - they were just the remedy I needed. It may sound absurd but as the smooth whipped Nutella frosting melted on my tongue all that stress seemed to seep away. They … [Read more...]

Orange carrot and olive oil cake

Many of you will know that I have a problem: I can't stop buying Jewish themed cookery books. I have soooo many. I know that many of the recipes are more or less repeated but I just love them. I love reading the stories behind the recipes. I love the fact that I don't have to dodge foods or food combinations I can't eat. I don't always expect them to wow me, because they invariably comfort me and mostly that is enough. But when one does truly inspire it is such a delight, and one such book is 'Warm Bagels and  Apple Strudel' by Ruth Joseph and Simon Round. It has so many recipes in it that I actually want to make, which are unique (such as Sephardi hot spiced fish) and every recipe I have … [Read more...]

Not being a Balabusta – any tips for doing it all?

I'm learning - or trying to accept, at least, that it's okay to not always live up to my Balabusta aspirations. Pregnancy hasn't been as easy for me this time round as it was last time. I feel heavy, I am constantly tired, seem to fall ill all the time, and everything is a strain requiring that I expend energy that I don't have.  I feel anxious that I can't do everything I need to do as well as I would like to do it (or in some cases, at all). I know that everyone says that when you have a baby you need to be kind to yourself and concentrate on the essentials. It doesn't matter if the house isn't always perfectly tidy and if everything is 'just so' or not. I know that you can't always do … [Read more...]

Abigail’s first birthday party (and calamitous birthday weekend)

Abigail is one! I planned a little party for our girl a few weeks in advance - nothing overly fancy. I wanted it to be about her, rather than an adult party. I know she is only one, how much could she understand, still less remember, but I know what she likes and tried to make it a nice day for her, and one which we would remember and cherish as well of course. I tried to be really organised, but I will be honest, I was still a frazzled mess on the day. How does that happen? I decided to try to make life easy for myself and I ordered bagels and rolls from our local kosher baker, so that that would be done. I did an online shop for drinks and extra snacks. I slowly purchased a few … [Read more...]